Send-Out (Voraus)
Training the schutzhund send away.
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Blind Search
Training the schutzhund blind search.
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Bark and Hold
Training the schutzhund bark and hold.
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Training the schutzhund hurdle.
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Tracking Dog Training

Hard Surface Tracking
Training track example.
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Search and Rescue

SAR Cadaver Example
Bark Alert in debris pile.
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Training multiple hurdles.
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Detection Dog Training

Dog Selection Overview
Selecting a promising candidate.
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Imprinting Initial Odor
Initial odor imprint and conditioning of the search cue with green dogs.
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Alert & Release Cue
Point to source alert training and conditioning the release cue.
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Generalize Behavior
Foundation training in a variety of environments.
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Real World Training
Device faded from training. Example of hand delivery and limited device use in a new environment.
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Recall-Refind Training
Recall refind with use of a remote collar and K-9 BSD-2.
A variety of options available for ranges up to 300 meters.
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Product Sample Videos

Passive Alert Training
K-9 Tampa demonstrates the flexibility of foundation training.
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Alert Training with the BSD Wall Kit
Training of initial sit on green dogs is simplified.
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Focus and Drive
K-9 "Grim" demonstrates how the K-9 BSD active reward generates focus & drive during training.
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Active Alert "Barking" at the find.
K-9 Milo trained to alert on what ever odor presented by handler.
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K-9 BSD Training Videos

US Patent - US 7,334,541 B2 - Animal Behavior Shaping Device
US Patent - US 8,104,458 - K9 Remote Reward Launcher

K9 BSD, LLC in Boaz, Kentucky, is the owner of all US Patent rights related to the device and the registered trademark K-9 BSD.